Receiving Gifts from 11ST (Eleven ST)


Finally, I have time to take seat writing a post HUFT I have been busy preparing for UNI admission these days. Yep, another UNI admission! Though I had passed the test last year, I should go another one because of some personal reasons. I know you can tell how pressured person who will take an UNI admission, so well. Good luck for me!
Moving on to what I’m going to write a short review today, some people call it ‘Shopping Review’ or ‘Shop Review’ or whatever it called haha. I’m going to talk about an online shop from Korea, 11ST (Eleven Street). Have you heard about 11ST?


Cara Menentukan Tanggal Kadaluarsa pada Produk Kecantikan Korea

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Lo yang suka ngumpulin make up sana sini, lo yang hobi beli skincare macem-macem, sekarang gue mau tanya!
Tahu enggak sampai kapan bisa lo pake itu skincare?
Sampe kapan make up bisa aman lo pake?

Nah sekarang gue mau ngedongeng tentang gimana caranya lihat tanggal kadaluarsa make up atau skincare. Tapi, yang gue kupas-kupas cantik tanggal kadaluarsanya disini cuman produk korea ya. Gue yakin deh lo pasti udah mantep kalo baca (bahasa kerennya) expired date produk lokal. Secara itu kode-kodenya enggak terlalu mengode (?)
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